Artist . Improvisor . Arts Educator

Lora Hristova's multi-disciplinary artistic practice explores sexuality, gender and cultural identity. Feminist theory and psychoanalysis inform her research into universal experiences of shame, anxiety and desire. Her work has been influenced by research of the sex industry and the cultural, psychological and social impact of pornography. Her first documentary Feminist Porn Filmmakers discussed the positive potential of adult material created from a feminist perspective. View a selection of her artwork and list of exhibitions.

(B. Bulgaria. Lives and works in London)

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Lora loves performing improv comedy at The Free Association and other venues around London and co-launched The Forest (more info: improv). She's part of an exciting new comedy project - released in March 2021.


Having been teaching art for 10 years, Lora currently works with students of all ages, from traditional classroom settings, online workshops and pre-recorded lessons for streaming. One day she hopes to present a rebooted version of 90's TV show Art Attack (and recreate a giant version of her favourite lesson: the edible universe).

Contact: info[at] / @lorahri

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